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wishing the happiest of Happy New Year to you all… 
may your next year be filled with all the glittery joyousness that you deserve! x

La Cuisine Parfait

Every so often I come across something that literally takes my breath away.

That thing I have been searching for, yearning for, without being able to define it exactly.
And then I lapse into french, because it's so perfect.

Donc tres, très, parfaite.

This is one of those rare beauties.

I love a white kitchen, but they are tout simplement le bon, non?

I crave a new look, one completely original.
Classic lines mixed with some vintage chic, of course a little colour.

This space has that certain je ne sais quoi - 
it is perfectly comfortable in its own skin. 
Materials are used in ways that they are highlighted,
there is no need to shout their beauty - it simply shines.


I am smitten. Et tu?

x am

saffron, mustard, gold: feeling warm yellows

It's fall, and every fall the cravings for warm hues comes rushing back. They bring a glow to our homes, and welcome us in the most cordial of ways.

Several years back, the lemon yellows took over as the sunshine hue of choice: they were intense, powerful, and offered a freshness that had been lacking, especially when paired with high contrast black and white as they so often were (we used that palette is my eldest daughters room back when). Cool, saturated yellows are difficult to embrace for a long time, however -  high maintenance, shouting out for attention. So yellow faded from popularity, and has taken a back seat to pinks, oranges and corals the past few years.

Well, darlings, I think it's about time for a revival! I know emerald green has tickled your fancy, and all the taste makers are heralding the return of jewel-toned blues.. but I think that warm, blackened yellows are due for some love, and we will be seeing more and more of these luscious, radiant tones turning up....

What do you think? Want to bask in this glow?

Perhaps a more subtle bit of sunshine, in the form of November's birthstone, Citrine.
It's said to bring success and personal vitality.....

                                                                              1 2 3 4

xo am

How to Style the Glass Cloche

The Glass Cloche: they have been everywhere for 10 or so years, almost all of us have one,
 and I'm willing to bet most of them sit empty :) I know mine does. 
It was filled with pinecones once at Christmas, but that seemed so expected... 

So when I stumbled upon the Reimaginists versions of the Glass cloche via Restoration Hardware I was a little awestruck!

Who knew there was so much PO-tential in that wee empty space?

If you don't have a collection of vintage keys or rulers lying about, 
how about folding up some paper geometrics and placing them on wooden bamboo skewers?

I smell a DIY coming on...

This, however, is the most clever version, in my humble opinion!
Just another reason why I NEED to learn how to wire lights 
(the mister is vigorously opposing this, in the name of fire safety, lol!)

amazing, right? I'd love to spend a day with these gentlemen, just to hear the conversations...

"Let's make an interesting light.."
"What have we got?"
"What about those beakers and... metal rods?"
"Ooh, and some of the cloches! We could put it INSIDE."
"YES! Fabulous!"

x am

thrifted trays and packing

I've mentioned we're moving, yes?

Downsizing.. that's another post :) Not sure where exactly all of our "stuff" is going to fit into this new home.. yet even surrounded by boxes I brought home four trays from the thrift shop today, bought while feeling very justified after dropping of about fifteen boxes of purged treasures...

the delicated gold-rimmed milk glass version - could work on a vanity, side table or dressing table...

the small but weighty hand made artisanal, has an iridescent glaze that the photo does not do justice...

the classic, for serving drinks during boys nights, brings me back to my cocktailing days....

the rustic refined, reminds me of Italian tolework, would add a bit of luxe to a coffee or console table...

I admit it. I have a problem :) but they are each so darling in their own way, right? How could I just leave them there? Their potential untapped, so sad...

Will post pics of them in their new home once we've settled in and the cardboard is eradicated.. we generally unpack over wine! Styling up the bookshelf can be a very creative process that way, lol.  I've got a few girlfriends coming over, it will be interesting to see what the house looks like afterwards..

**Must apologize to several people who have written to me to inquire about online consults in the last few weeks, just received all of the forms at once in my inbox. So sorry! Just another reason the website must be re-vamped, and a proper form put into place. Thank you for your patience. Will reply to each and every one of you next week after the move, and hope that I can offer you a discount, my most since apologies for the tardiness, and make it up to you.**

Hope you all are enjoying the last glimmers of summer, I know we are soaking up every possible sunbeam over here - x am

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